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terça-feira, 19 de julho de 2011

Programa “Momento Maia - 75” no ar pela Rádio UOL!

Confira! Lançamentos de Portugal The Man, Oh Mercy e Peter Case; e a partir do segundo bloco, muitos covers com com Florence & The Machine, Duncan Sheik, Drugstore e Ben Waters.
Relação de Bandas, Músicas e Discos:

• Portugal. The Man – So American (In The Mountain In The Cloud -2011) • Oh Mercy - Stay Please Stay(Great Barrier Grief - 2011) • The Black Rabbits - My Baby Don't(Hypno Switch -2011) • My Epic – Alone (Broken Voice -2011) • Peter Case - (Give Me) One More Mile (The Case Files- 2011) • Florence & The Machine - Not Fade Away (Rave On Buddy Holly -2011) • Giant Sand - Jumpin' Jack Flash(Paint It Black An Alt Country Tribute to the Rolling Stones-2011) • Ben Waters - Watching The River Flow (Boogie 4 Stu: A Tribute To Ian Stewart -2011) • Jiggy - Fast Car (Slow Songs & Fast Cars: Tribute to Tracy Chapman -2011) • Duncan Sheik - Love Vigilantes (Covers 80's-2011) • Drugstore - Old Shoes (Step Right Up: The Songs Of Tom Waits - 1995) • Loop - Pink Moon (Brittle Days: A Tribute To Nick Drake -1992) • The Loud Family - Look Through Any Window (Sing Hollies In Reverse -1995) • The Alphabetical Order - Little Red Book (Mondo Mutinity -1993) • Whatfor - Get A Buzz (Not So Pretty: 22 Bands From Around the World Salute the Pretty Things - 1995) Conheça a página do Programa Momento Maia na Rádio UOL!
Ouça aqui a edição nº75

Por Roberto Maia às 11h39 UOL

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